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Eat organically, without costing the earth

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Organic Apples, Organic food

Eating organically is fantastic, but usually expensive. Here are 6 tips on how you can do it for less…

  1. Eat fruits & vegies in season. Buying in season ensures better freshness, and costs you less (due to shorter storage times and a lower market price when there’s plenty of the produce available)

  2. Buy at farmers’ markets. Buying direct from the farmer means you don’t have to pay an additional wage for the `middle man’

  3. Hunt around the local organic shops. We've often found organic food in local organic shops that's a lower price per Kg than the standard supermarket for non-organic food!

  4. Join a food co-op. There are plenty of these to be found on social sites like Facebook. Buying in bulk as a group can save you money, but be aware that some co-ops charge a high amount of freight, especially if you live some distance from where the goods are purchased

  5. Grow your own. Real estate costs you the earth (s’cuse the dad joke), so make your land give you a better return on your money by turning it into a mini-farm. There’s plenty of advice about how to do this on the internet, and you can grow so much without the use of pesticides and chemicals. We have our own organic garden & many fruit trees (see my blog on this) and it’s great to see kids come out of the garden snacking on healthy organic produce!

  6. Store it! To lessen waste of your organic goods, you can freeze them, bottle them or dehydrate/dry them. And then the goodies can be enjoyed at a later date

With growing evidence that farming chemicals may be linked to certain cancers, infertility, many other diseases and even Autistic Spectral Disorder, it's worth making the move to organic. Oh, and if you've heard there's no benefit, just try eating an organic tomato compared to a non-organic tomato and let your tastebuds be the judge!

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