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Writing testimonial, client stories

“David has been an integral member of my family’s allied health professional team for many years.   He has been a major contributor to the treatment of my Brain Tumor and its lack of progression enabling me to lead a healthy, normal life.   His commitment to his clients is magnified by his devotion to research and enthusiasm in regards to client care.   As a long term client, I would recommend David’s services to anyone who feels they need to explore alternative medical avenues, or to those who simply wish to better their every health.”

"I had several miscarriages in a row and doctors told me they couldn't find any cause. I wasn't prepared to let go of our dream of having another baby.   After a very thorough and detailed consultation, just 2 months of following David's advice and treatment plan, we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant again.   We have absolutely no doubt that because of our vitamin regimen, that is the reason why this little one stayed put and grew til full term and we got to deliver a beautiful healthy baby.   We are looking forward to getting back on "the program" in the hopes of having another baby.   Thank you from the bottom of our hearts David for your sincerity, understanding, professionalism and your knowledge.   You made a dream come true."  

“I’ve been in remission from my ulcerative colitis for over 5 years since seeing David, and have needed no medication.   I have had no flare-ups and thank David for helping me as I thought there was no other option for me until I saw him.   Thanks!”

"I have received so much help with a few issues and have seen such an improvement!    So happy with this Naturopath."

“Seeing David gives me a lot more confidence in managing my health and staying well.   I wouldn’t go to anyone else.” 

David is so caring & determined to get to the underlying cause of the problem...   In a very minimum time frame David has finally found health issues I've been struggling with for 20 years.    Thank you David for your ongoing care!!!   You're amazing !!!!

Trish Rieck

"David is an incredibly experienced and highly recommended naturopath. As a qualified pharmacist, I regularly discuss both natural and medicinal therapies with David. He is very thorough and exceptionally well trained"                                                     Robert de Wit

"David has been treating me for some four years now with great success.   David has particularly helped me with stress, depression and insomnia.   I find David has amazing knowledge and diagnostic ability. He is always professional with a very personal approach.   I would recommend David to anyone looking for a holistic approach to good health"

"I have seen David Howell several times and he has been brilliant in his knowledge, his professionalism and his ability. He healed my young son from psoriasis in 4 weeks and haven't seen a sign of it since and that was about 4 years ago now. My only regret in moving from Queensland is that I couldn't continue to see David for my health care needs"                                                                                                 Sam Buckley, Perth W.A.

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