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Treating Fertility with Natural Medicine

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Natural Fertility

I may be able to address your fertility problems with clinically proven supplements and logical lifestyle changes.   Using conventional blood tests and previous medical investigations for diagnosis, I am committed to treating infertility accurately with minimal supplements.

Having journeyed through subfertility myself, with successful Naturopathic treatment resulting in multiple children, I understand the trauma involved in subfertility, and can offer an empathic approach to my clients.   See my blog about our own subfertility here.


Prior experience as a Registered Nurse working in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Operating Theatres has provided me with a sound basis of knowledge regarding Western Medicine’s typical treatments.

Naturopathic education at University level has promoted my science based approach to Naturopathic Care, and more than 18 years of clinical experience underlies my ability to treat my clients professionally and practically with optimum results.



  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOs)

  • Endometriosis

  • Anovulation (no menstruation)

  • Adrenal issues (Secondary Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Cushing’s Syndrome, Addison’s Disease)

  • Autoimmune based subfertility

  • Assisted Reproduction Practices (ISCI, IVF, other medical practices)

  • Primary & Secondary Subfertility

  • Genetic Defects (MTHFR)


An increasing problem worldwide, male subfertility may result from a wide range of underlying issues, many of which may be treated by Natural Medicine.
Sperm analysis commonly shows a range of parameters that are lower than ideal; these may be caused by simple nutrient deficiencies or exposure to compounds that are toxic to sperm.
A clear example is poor sperm motility, affected greatly by low selenium levels. As Australian soil contains the second-lowest selenium levels worldwide, this simple nutrient deficiency may be resolved with correct supplementation. Many other sperm parameters may be addressed by providing missing nutrients.
Exposure to toxic elements occurs via drinking water, occupational exposure, personal habits and living circumstances. Hair Mineral Analysis is highly specific for testing for these compounds that, when identified, may be treated through chelation therapy. As toxic compounds reduce, sperm parameters typically improve. For further information, see the “Investigations” tab on this website.


Every case has individual issues to attend, and there are no guarantees with either Medical or Naturopathic approaches to subfertility.   I examine each case carefully and ethically, and will refer couples on to medical/Assisted Reproduction Practices should I feel that Naturopathic Care alone is unlikely to achieve successful outcomes.   In particular, each couples’ age and fertility parameters influence my decisions to refer to ensure that the optimum outcome may be achieved within a limited time frame.


I use a combination of Clinically superior natural supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and information provision for my clients.   An individual treatment regime for each case ensures relevance, minimal cost and maximum effectiveness. Working in conjunction with Medical Practitioners and specialists and their treatments provides my clients with a “best of both worlds” approach.


Naturopathic family care provides improved health throughout preconception, pregnancy and postnatal stages. While fertility care begins the process, Naturopathy may improve the health of mum and fetus within pregnancy, and prepare mum (and dad!) for the process of childbirth and, ideally, breastfeeding afterwards.

Numerous clinical trials have shown the benefits of pregnancy supplements, but a simple look at the list of supplement ingredients reveals many differences between brands.   Naturopathic Practitioner Only brands offer superior ingredient types, doses and ranges, so it’s important to use the supplement best suited to each situation rather than self selecting “off the shelf” formulas that may not provide best care.

Post Natal care may include promoting mum’s milk supply, return to physical tone and health, and balancing of hormonal status.   Care of a new baby includes providing optimal gut health, skin care and assistance with sleeping routines, thus helping mum, dad & the whole family!


Utilising a Naturopathic Practitioner who has journeyed through subfertility, conception against the odds, pregnancy care and post natal care means that you gain an understanding and caring approach throughout your own journey.

As a Toowoomba Naturopath, I treat local clients as well as those from a distance, including interstate clients.   First consultations and subsequent consultations may be via Skype or phone.   We welcome your questions and enquiries, and will commit to answering them as rapidly and logically as possible. Just use the “make an enquiry” tab on this page, or call our team on 07 4599 9022.

I’d love the privilege of treating you & your family.



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