david howell Naturopathy

Toowoomba Allied Health, 8 Scott St, East Toowoomba Qld 4350  


To book your consultation at this practice, please phone      

07 4599 9022


07 4592 9327

or choose your time in David's online electronic diary here 

   Clinic Opening Hours

  • Monday          7am - 5pm

  • Tuesday          8am - 5pm

  • Wednesday    8am - 5pm

  • Thursday        7am - 5pm

  • Friday              12pm - 4.30pm 

CONSULTATION TYPES AVAILABLE - our clinic has a 24 hour cancellation policy


First Consultation - 1 hour ($195)  - Involves information gathering about personal & family health history, presenting complaint/s and clinical signs, and provides a detailed plan recommending further investigations, referrals as needed and beginning treatments. 


Economy First Consultation - 1/2 hour ($97.50) - a half hour economy consultation for a brief review and recommendations for simple complaints for those who are not seeking treatment for complex problems. NOTE; This consultation is specifically for a single and simple health complaint, not for complicated issues. This consultation is not able to be booked online, and must be discussed with our reception team to ensure that David can effectively deal with the issue within the given half hour time frame.  Please call our clinic team on 07 4599 9022 if you wish to book this consultation.

First Consultation (FERTILITY) - 1.25 hours ($245) - For those requiring natural help with fertility, this consultation includes a broader look at family and genetic history, as well as each client's journey through infertility.  If clients can bring previous investigation results for David to review, this allows specific further investigations to be recommended as needed.   Note; this is for each individual, and many partners book a double consultation to ensure both partners are treated optimally.

Return Consultation - 1/2 hour ($97.50)  - For review of investigation results, client responses to treatments and further recommendations for the future.


Long Return Consultation - 1 hour ($195) - For more complex cases, this allows detailed discussion of test results, client responses to treatments and further recommendations.


Food Detective Test Consultation - 1 hour ($355 including test kit and consultation fee)  - This in-clinic blood test identifies client immune responses showing intolerance to 46 different foods, thus allowing clients to accurately select the most appropriate foods to promote their gut function & general health.   This test is highly recommended in cases of Auto-Immune Disease.


For clients who live at a distance, interstate or even internationally, Skype or phone consultations are available.   If products are prescribed or required, they can be sent by express or standard post.   The full consultation fee and product costs must be paid by credit card at the time of consultation.  

For Skype consultations, prior connection to David's Skype contact is necessary, and may be made by requesting connection to

david howell naturopath


“Seeing David gives me a lot more confidence in managing my health and staying well. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”


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david howell NATUROPATHY

Toowoomba Allied Health

8 Scott St

East Toowoomba Qld 4350

Phone 07 4599 9022
Or        07 4592 9327

Consulting Times

Monday - 7am - 5pm

Tuesday & Wednesday - 8.30am - 5pm

Thursday: 7am - 5pm 

or Book Online Here

Toowoomba Naturopath

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