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David Howell, Toowoomba Nutrition, Food

As a foundation for health, nutritional status is taken into account in each client’s consultation with me. The right balance and intake of nutrients should be tailored to suit everyone’s situation, including age, gender, family history, personal history and current health issues including digestion status. When combined with a client’s desire for future direction in health, (for example, more energy, weight control, body toning or assistance with a medical issue), all these factors enable me to choose the most helpful and achievable food/drink intake for my clients’ health.


When you book a consultation with me, bringing in a copy of your typical dietary intake assists me to make a rapid analysis of the pros and cons of your diet.


If dietary elimination is required, I don’t typically recommend the removal of multiple food groups at one time, thus avoiding the nutrient deficiencies that can otherwise occur, as well as making the work easier for my clients and providing us with a clearer picture of the response to each food group.

The old saying “you are what you eat” is basically true, but due to Australian soil suffering from multiple deficiencies and imbalances, “what you eat” is often not what it used to be or should be, so good health may not be as simple as eating the right food groups in the right amounts. One of the most accurate ways to check for mineral deficiencies or excesses is to check these via Hair Mineral Analysis (refer to the tab on this site). This enables a more accurate assessment of not only food intake, but individual nutrient intake and absorption/storage at a cellular level.

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