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Investigations give important information to help accurate diagnosis.   I only use science-based investigations, including standard blood tests, some saliva and urine tests, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).   Additionally, tests performed during consultation may include nail & tongue analysis, blood pressure and oxygen saturation as well as an in-clinic blood test to check for food intolerances (booked as a specific consultation).


While there are many other allied health testing procedures including live blood analysis, iridology, bio-impedence testing and other techniques, these have less supporting scientific evidence.   My consultations rely on extensive questioning about my clients' personal & family health history, presenting signs and symptoms, and scientifically valid investigations.


David Howell Naturopathy, Toowoomba Naturopath, Investigations, blood test form
Toowoomba Naturopath, David Howell Naturopathy, Investigations
Toowoomba Naturopath, David Howell Naturopathy, Food Detective Test, Food Intolerance Test, Investigations
Pathology Tests


Blood tests help to prove or disprove a possible diagnosis, and show nutrient deficiencies as well as disease states.  


I use classic medical pathology laboratories for testing.   As Naturopathic Practitioners are not Medicare qualified, tests must be paid for by the customer at the time of sample collection.   Results return to me electronically and we then contact the client to arrange follow up recommendations via consultation.

If preferred, I refer my clients to their GP for recommended tests, and ask that a copy of these tests be brought back to me for analysis.  


Clients seeing me for the first time are encouraged to bring copies of all previous tests to promote rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment, and to save money by avoiding test replication at cost to the client.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)


HTMA provides a profile of heavy metals, trace elements and minerals being excreted by the body into hair follicles over a ~6 month time period.


Using only Mediscan testing, samples are analysed in the Forensic Pathology Laboratory of the University of Western Australia.


Results are then analysed by me to give a broader picture of my clients’ health and disease status as presenting at first consultation, and to ensure that future supplements address imbalances of compounds in each persons’ tissue. 


Mineral balance is then checked over a period of time by clients providing a new hair sample for analysis.


It’s important to note that HTMA will not usually match client blood test results, as the body’s ability to store compounds in tissues does not reflect a current one-off sample of blood.


HTMA is not used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool, but rather as a supportive method of assisting overall diagnosis and accurate mineral supplementation.


HTMA allows accurate analysis of the levels of calcium and other minerals that are involved in bone health.   In osteoporosis or lowered bone density, this allows selection of the most relevant supplement to promote better mineralisation of bone.   Retesting bone density after 12 months of supplementation usually shows better bone density, often within the reference range.

Follow up


Test results return to me electronically and I then contact the client to arrange follow up recommendations, usually via a consultation.


Should any tests I order show significant underlying issues, I refer my clients on to expert medical care, with a copy of the test results for their medical practitioner.   This may include a referral letter, stating my concerns and requests for specific medical follow up.


If tests reveal issues that are able to be safely treated with natural medicines and lifestyle alterations, my clients are prescribed the appropriate treatment.   Further follow up tests may be ordered to check that issues have been resolved, and that supplementation remains relevant.



IgG Food Detective
Food Intolerance Test


* This test is only available for in-clinic testing

Ever wondered just what foods upset your system? Whether you're suffering from digestive discomfort, skin rashes, arthritis or other negative symptoms, the foods you're eating might be the culprit.   Now you can take out the guesswork and find out just what food/s may be worsening your condition.


The Food Detective Intolerance Kit can be done in my clinic in just 40 minutes.   Using one of your immune response chemicals, (Immunoglobulin G, or 'IgG' Antibodies), this kit has 95% accuracy to laboratory testing.   A total of 46 different foods are tested, giving you a greater level of control over what you eat and how well you feel.  


Results are immediately available, saving you the inconvenience of waiting on results.

NOTE - the test involves 1 finger prick to provide a blood sample.   This test does not test the classical IgE allergic reaction to foods, so if you suspect a true food allergy, I recommend you see your GP for a R.A.S.T. blood test request, or a referral to a medical allergy specialist.


To ensure the accuracy of this test, it's best to include as many foods as possible in your diet for 2 weeks beforehand, as avoidance of foods may lower your reaction level and thus make the test less conclusive.


If you've not seen David in consultation before, please firstly book an Initial Consultation so that David can record all relevant health information, and possibly recommend more relevant tests be done before the Food Detective Test.

Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)

Using stool samples, CDSA checks underlying gut health and often identifies issues not picked up by other testing methods.   CDSA checks; microscopic and macroscopic description of stools, nutrients and compound absorption effectiveness, pancreatic and liver function, bowel pH, inflammation, Coeliac Disease, Helicobacter pylori infection and balance of beneficial bacteria Vs harmful bacteria, yeasts and fungal infections, along with medical and Naturopathic treatment options.   The level of information provided by this test allows accurate treatments, thus ensuring that long term health is optimised.  


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