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David Howell, Toowoomba Naturopath














As a practising Naturopath in Toowoomba, I see a wide range of clients of all ages, with all types of health conditions.   While my specialties are Natural Fertility, Children's health & Behavioural Issues, and Autoimmune Conditions, I treat any health issue.


My previous occupations include working as a Registered Nurse in several areas including gynaecology & operating theatres, and as a volunteer Ambulance Officer in South Australia, giving me a wealth of clinical experience that adds to my understanding of my clients and their health.


Having journeyed through subfertility (I don't usually use the term 'infertility'), my gorgeous wife and I have 4 'miracle' children following successful Naturopathic treatment; hence my focus on fertility issues.   My wife is also a Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist, but currently works as a full-time mum to our children.   We've been in Toowoomba for around 13 years, and love living in this beautiful city.


My Naturopathic qualification is a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW.   This 4 year degree included Clinical Diagnosis, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy.   I was granted the Clinical Achievement Award at the end of my degree, this being


                    "awarded to the graduating student with the most outstanding clinical achievement in the Bachelor of Naturopathy"


Having practised in Northern NSW, Brisbane and now Toowoomba for more than 18 years, I've gained great experience in seeing and treating thousands of clients, many of whom have shared their health journey with me for more than 13 years.


I focus on investigating my clients' underlying issues before offering treatment options, these including nutrition changes, lifestyle recommendations and supplements where relevant.   Tests include medical style investigations (see the 'Investigations' tab), my previous Nursing and Ambulance experience influencing this approach.   I regularly refer to Medical Professionals and Allied Health Professionals as relevant, and liaise with them whenever possible to ensure a 'best of both worlds' treatment plan for my clients.


A consultation with me involves me asking many questions about you, your family history and personal health history, as well as current presenting issues.   I don't use live blood analysis or other typical Naturopathic investigations, preferring to rely on a good clinical history, blood tests and other science based pathology tests where relevant.   In-clinic tests include, as relevant, blood pressure readings, food intolerance testing (blood test), and a brief check up of clinical signs.


Prior to the Australian Government (LNP) removing subsidies for Private Health Rebates for Naturopathy in April 2019, I was registered with all health funds, so those with extras cover for Naturopathy were able to obtain refunds from their health funds.   This means you will gain no rebate for your consultation with any Naturopath in Australia.   We disagree with this Government decision to penalise people who are proactive in looking after their health, and we remain committed to the fight to repeal this legislation so you can again claim private health funding for your consultations.


If my style of Naturopathy appeals to you, please feel free to contact our team, either by the contact form on this website, or by the phone numbers as given below.   Be reassured that I'll offer you a logical and science based treatment that is tailored to your situation, and that your complete confidentiality will be ensured.

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Toowoomba Naturopath

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