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How to make a mobile wicking garden bed

Growing your own vegies and herbs can be so satisfying, and because wicking beds only use 1/5 the amount of water, they're a great way to grow vegies in tough conditions. Here's a quick read on how to make a mobile wicking bed that can be lifted by 2 people, even with the soil and water on board. Simply buy the few parts at a local hardware store and follow these instructions to set up your own wicking bed. Not long and you'll be picking and eating your own produce. If you have to be on the move, you can simply take your wicking bed along with you and keep right on enjoying your home grown vegies!

MATERIALS (see pictures below)

1x 70 Litre plastic tough crate (even better if it's BPH free)

4x 125mm high plastic growing pots

1x 20mm female tank fitting

1x 3/4 inch poly utility tap

1x PVC poly pipe elbow fitting

1 piece geo-fabric, cut larger than container internal size (see pictures)

1 piece galvanised mesh, cut to size and shape (see pictures)


Soil or compost (we use organic mushroom compost)


Collect materials ready to build the garden (cut mesh to shape)

Use drill and hole saw to cut hole for tank plug

(plan hole for tap to be at same height as mesh when inserted)

Insert Tank plug and tighten firmly (has left hand thread)

Insert tap and tighten firmly upside down, leave tap open to allow excess water to drain if rain occurs or tub is overfilled

Place growing pots into tub corners and lay mesh on top

Insert poly pipe into elbow and place in one corner with elbow at base

Fill tub with water to level of mesh (we use rainwater)

Insert geofabric with sides folded upward

Place mulch or soil on top of geofabric

Now you're ready for planting!


  • To drain water, simply turn tap right way up and open, then lift other end until tub is empty

  • Fill water through the top of poly pipe

  • Flush water and change every 6 months to prevent it becoming anaerobic

  • When finished any cropping, turn soil over well and add in fertiliser or required minerals

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