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Infertility Hurts... - a personal perspective

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Infertility hurts

...the journey to nowhere. Hopes lifted and dashed, again and again and again. Being lapped in life by family and friends. Growing isolation through lost common ground. Trying to be happy for others who conceive. Finding reasons to avoid baby showers. Despairing the lack of progression through life's stages.

Infertility hurts, traumatises, scars.

And it's so hard to talk about, so hard to deal with the sometimes careless comments of those who haven't suffered this incredibly painful condition. So hard for others to relate and to know how to be helpful without being intrusive....

I've walked this journey. My wife's walked this journey. And together, year after year, we experienced the agony of being unable to have children of our own, while our friends moved on as happy growing families. Together we suffered in private, while maintaining a facade of being ok to others, and as time progressed and still no children came, we despaired of ever finding the joy of becoming parents. As time went by, our chances of falling pregnant continued to drop, even past the level of less than 1 in 3 million, statistically confirmed by a fertility specialist.

We treated, of course. Oh how we treated! Medically, surgically, naturopathically; all helpful in their own way, but unsuccessful in achieving our goal of even conceiving, let alone carrying a baby to birth. Moving location, reducing stressors, simplifying our lifestyle, relaxing on holidays; all the normally recommended strategies simply didn't help.

After 7 years trying for a baby unsuccessfully, we sat down together and reviewed our situation. As Christians we prayed for wisdom, and as Naturopaths we decided to forego all the usual treatments for our condition, instead opting for alternative naturopathic therapies that had simple & logical relevance for the underlying problems preventing us from conceiving. Using these therapies, symptoms and signs began to rapidly and definitely improve, and then......

The disbelief and sheer elation of seeing 2 simple pink lines on a pregnancy test, (ironically on our 11th wedding anniversary), is hard to describe. 6 months after beginning treatment we were expecting our first baby! In a daze, we tried to comprehend the fact that we were no longer 'infertile', and the joy & relief at being able to share our news was profound. Our wonder and thankfulness at the birth of our first baby was shared by so many people and we celebrated the beginning of a new journey of parenthood.

And now... 4 miracle babies later, our infertility has well & truly resolved, primarily through the continued use of natural medicines. We still bear the scars of our journey through infertility and always will, and we empathise and grieve for those who are still struggling to have children of their own.

As a practising Naturopath, I count myself highly privileged to help others who suffer from infertility. Having been on this journey, I have a deep desire to provide an empathic and logical treatment plan that's individually tailored for my clients. That's why I specialise in treating infertility, and have pursued further specialised education to enable me to give my clients treatments and advice that have clinical evidence of success. While I don't keep statistics on treatment successes among my clients with infertility, I estimate that approximately 70-80% of them fall pregnant within 12 months. One of the greatest joys of my practice is meeting some of the dozens of babies who've arrived with the help of my natural fertility treatments.

If you're currently travelling on the journey of infertility, or know a family member or friend who's suffering from this awful condition, I encourage you to investigate naturopathy as an option. It's worth seeking out a Naturopathic practitioner who's had high quality tertiary education, additional education in fertility, who uses scientifically valid testing (blood tests & medical imaging), and who'll liaise with your medical practitioner or specialist to provide a "best of both worlds" approach.

If I can help, please contact me for an consultation or, (if you can do so tactfully to someone who's ready to accept your input), share this post with a loved one or friend who's suffering from infertility. I offer consultations in clinic, via secure Telehealth video link or by phone, and have clients located all over Australia, so distance is never an issue. If you wish to contact me to see if I can help, please just use the contact form on this website or call our clinic on 07 4599 9022

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