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truly healthy is our new name!

When truth and health meet together, true health should be the result. That's not really complicated, but in the last couple of years, there's been a profound loss of truth in general healthcare that has damaged its integrity, with millions suffering all over the world as a result. Much of what has been delivered as truth via the general pharmaceutical industry, governments and the medical profession has proven to be mistruth in reality as time goes by.

While we've always focused on truth in natural healthcare for our clients, we wish to reassure you that this is the foundation of our practice, and has remained so amid a world where trust has been lost in health advertising, health mandates and health delivery.

We strongly believe that client health is individual, and should only include a client and their trusted health practitioner/s in the relationship so that any treatments are based on accuracy of information and treatments that are tailored to suit the client's best needs. As soon as any coercion or incentive is applied to this relationship, the clear indication for any testing or treatment is clouded, and the client's best healthcare needs are often not met, all while others benefit at the client's expense. On a daily basis, we're now dealing with the negative fallout of coercive health mandates in the last couple of years, and we're determined that our clients will receive better care than this.

To achieve truth in healthcare, we'll offer you the logical steps to help you achieve your personal best health, these steps including;

  • Careful initial consultation, investigating each client's personal health history, family and genetic history and how they may relate to the presenting health issues

  • Analysis of current supplements or medications, and whether the use of these may be contributing to the presenting issues

  • Analysis of past tests (which often identifies "missed issues")

  • Recommendations for further testing via client GP or our testing to qualified pathology laboratories to prove or disprove possible causes of ill-health (this testing is often broader than typically offered, helping to identify underlying issues that have been previously missed)

  • Review of results with each client to further explore identified issues

  • Referral to other expert health practitioners as relevant

  • Prescription of relevant and targeted lifestyle, dietary and possibly supplemental treatments to help address the issues identified

  • Regular review of client progress and for retesting of identified issues to ensure that return to best health is being achieved

Ultimately, each client's presenting health issues, history, test results and treatments should harmonise with one another; when this integrity of data and treatments is achieved, then we can aim to achieve the best possible health outcome.

So, to reiterate our determination to practice healthcare according to truth, and to reassure you that our primary aim is your ultimate health, we are now "truly healthy". From November 2022, we'll be practicing at a clinic where the other allied health professionals also work from a basis of integrity, matching our desire to offer you a truly healthy experience.

If you wish to book an appointment, go to our booking page, or call our wonderful team on 07 4599 9022, and, if you have prior tests or can gather as much health history as possible, please bring along the information or send to our team prior to your consultation. We look forward to seeing you and helping you on your journey.

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