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Jailed For Using Vitamins!

American Joey Burrell was arrested in November 2014, charged with illegal drug possession and jailed for 3 months before officials realised their mistake; he was actually in possession of a vitamin supplement! Here's the link to his story;

If you're travelling overseas, how do you make sure your vitamins & supplements are OK through customs? Here's how I provide cover for my clients;

The products I dispense in a consultation are "Practitioner Dispensing Only" products, meaning they're only available via a consultation. There's good reason for this; such products are usually more powerful and may contain different ingredients than those you can buy "off the shelf". As these supplements may have interactions with medications, and are used for specific health conditions, they need to be prescribed accurately and safely; hence the need for a consultation to make sure they're correct for each client I see.

I prescribe products using a pharmacy dispensing program, with each product clearly labelled, and repeat prescriptions given. My clients can then safely take products through customs and into other countries, with a valid label and paperwork to cover their use. If my clients are still concerned about getting through customs safely, I provide a covering travel letter.

If Joey Burrell had properly prescribed and labelled supplements, he may have avoided being jailed wrongly. Seeing your healthcare practitioner and ensuring your products are not only safe and effective for you, but also have correct labelling and covering scripts means you can travel overseas without being jailed wrongly for your supplements, and without missing out on all the benefits your products can provide. Happy travels!

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