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B.Nat. Dip.H.Sc.(nurs)

As a Toowoomba Naturopath I'm passionate about helping my clients achieve the best possible health. I focus on investigating underlying problems and providing logical, science-based treatments that address issues as accurately as possible.   I treat my clients individually and tailor my solutions to meet their needs.

Health Blog

BORBORYGMI - The sound of the sound of your tummy rumbling

Suffering from too much gurgling in your gut?  

Could be a sign of lactose intolerance or even food additives that don’t agree with you.

Examples are;

  • bicarb soda (baking soda, sodium bicarbonate) 

  • ...

Want to enjoy some carbs in your diet without the negative effects of higher blood sugar, insulin and body fat?   Then just change the order in which you eat your foods!

A small 2018 Japanese study measured insulin and glucose levels in young people after eating ri...


If you're feeling overwhelmed with the issues in your life and can't seem to stop worrying, then you're not alone.    In Australia 2014/15, 11.2% of our population reported suffering from anxiety related cond...

Spending too much of your life in the toilet?   If you have constipation, there are a few principles that promote better bowel function, so here's a few easy tips to help....


Drinking more water simply helps to soften bowel motions, assisting the gut &...

Like salt with your meal?   You may be getting a dose of aluminium with each shake of your salt shaker.

Because salt attracts water, salt crystals tend to stick together in the shaker.   How to sort that problem?  Just add an anti-caking agent and the salt crystals...

Eating organically is fantastic, but usually expensive.   Here are 6 tips on how you can do it for less…

  1. Eat fruits & vegies in season.   Buying in season ensures better freshness, and costs you less (due to shorter storage times and a lower mark...


Information overload… how to be a better parent, why we should vaccinate (or not), whether we should use a private or public school (or home-school), to smack or not to smack, is co-sleeping the best, what our kids should be eating, how much screen time they have……



Good ol' snake oil.   Old fashioned magic potions claiming to cure all diseases, smooth wrinkles, remove all aches and pains and return anyone to full health and vitality.   We look back on such wild claims and laugh at the lack of scientific evidence, and have since m...

 ...the journey to nowhere.   Hopes lifted and dashed, again and again and again.    Being lapped in life by family and friends.   Growing isolation through lost common ground.    Trying to be happy for others who conceive.   Finding reasons to avoid baby showers.   De...

Tummy issues?   Where do you start when you're trying to work out what's going on?   


If you're like many of my clients who ask me for help with digestive issues, you'll possibly be referred for a new medical test to check for an underlying gut infection.   A...

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“Seeing David gives me a lot more confidence in managing my health and staying well. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”


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