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  • David Howell

How To Make A Simple & Effective Mozzie Repellent ... And Treat Mozzie Stings Naturally


  • Some 'Fixomull' or other brand stretch dressing strip (available from pharmacies for about $3-$4/metre

  • A pair of scissors

  • A bottle of essential oil of Citronella (add a bottle of Lemon Grass if you wish)


  • Using the scissors, cut the Fixomul into some 1-2cm squares

  • Place 2-3 drops of Citronella oil onto each square (lemon grass makes this formula even more effective - see the data here )

(please keep all essential oils out of reach of children, they're toxic if ingested)

  • Stick the square/s onto your clothing or the clothing of your kids, in a place they can't reach (for example, on their collar, or the back of their shirt)

And there you go, no nasty D.E.E.T., no chemicals on the skin, and all at hardly any cost.

If you can't be bothered making your own mozzie repellant sticky squares, you can buy them already made in most pharmacies.

...AND HOW TO TAKE THE ITCHING AND PAIN OUT OF A MOZZIE STING? (or ant bite or other insect sting)

if a mozzie happens to sting you or your family, you can simply put a drop of lavender oil directly onto the bite, provided you're not allergic to lavender oil, and the skin's not already broken from scratching. You'll find that the discomfort is rapidly relieved, especially if you also use a cold pack applied to the area.

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