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Vitamin D & Fertility

Vitamin D3

An Austrian medical research team analysed studies on the influence of Vitamin D levels on fertility in men and women and found some interesting facts;

  • Vitamin D promotes pregnancy rates in IVF treatments

  • Low Vitamin D levels increase Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOs) symptoms, including obesity, hormone disturbances and poor metabolism

  • Vitamin D may balance the main female hormones oestradiol and progesterone in healthy women

  • Vitamin D status is positively matched to semen quality and androgen (male hormone) status, especially helping to promote testosterone levels

The researchers also discovered that a higher level of Vitamin D may worsen endometriosis symptoms.

It’s fairly obvious that a check of blood levels of Vitamin D is an important part of my practice in helping couples in their journey through subfertility towards higher pregnancy rates.

If you’re suffering from subfertility (I think the word infertility is overused), check out my website section on fertility, book a consultation and make sure you’re getting as much practical help as Naturopathy can offer.

Here’s the link to a summary of the Austrian study:


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