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Eat Your Carbs Without Guilt!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Delicious, Nutritious Food

Want to enjoy some carbs in your diet without the negative effects of higher blood sugar, insulin and body fat? Then just change the order in which you eat your foods!

A small 2018 Japanese study measured insulin and glucose levels in young people after eating rice, vegetables & meat, changing the order in which the foods were eaten over 3 days.

Eating rice at the end of the meal instead of the beginning of the meal resulted in lower blood sugar & insulin levels when measured at 30 minutes and 120 minutes after the meal was finished. The results were ‘significant’, so this is worth doing if you wish to enjoy the taste of carbs while helping your body tone.

As a Toowoomba Naturopath, I use science to provide you with practical tips for your health. Just another helpful hint showing that Australian LNP politicians were wrong in removing your Private Health rebates for Naturopathy.

Please sign our petition to help make your Government Reinstate the Rebate. Thank you & enjoy those carbs! And another thing, if you're not in Toowoomba, no problem; you can still consult with me via Skype or phone - just go to my booking page on this site.

#ReinstatetheRebate #ToowoombaNaturopath

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