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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Panic can be managed


If you're feeling overwhelmed with the issues in your life and can't seem to stop worrying, then you're not alone. In Australia 2014/15, 11.2% of our population reported suffering from anxiety related conditions, a figure even higher than those experiencing depression (9.3% of the population). This means you're among at least 2.6 million Australians, and the number is growing every year. While so many Australians are suffering from anxiety disorders however, if you're one of the number you probably feel very alone... If this is you, please read on; I'd like to let you know that Naturopathic treatment and care can have a high level of success in dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety can range from mild worry to a fully debilitating condition affecting normal living, with people unable to work, maintain relationships or even manage self care. The impact on family members, friendships and relationships is significant, and the personal impact may include financial loss and loss of physical health.

We have a problem. Typical medical answers include prescription of anti-depressant medications and referral to psychologists for counselling. In 2015 26% of Australian adults who experienced anxiety received treatments including antidepressant medication, mood stabilising medication, cognitive behaviour therapy and/or psychotherapy. While this treatment offers a level of success, it's important to note that there are other simple and usually effective ways to help...

Let me give you an example. Many years ago a client visited a retail store in which I worked as a Naturopath. Asking for my help, this client was suffering from several panic attacks per day and, as a result, was unable to work and relied on a disability pension. After questioning this client, I selected an appropriate supplement and prescribed a dose of 1 tablet twice daily and asked for an actual consultation to be booked in 2 weeks to ensure the supplement was working effectively and that all other surrounding factors were being treated. This client did return... 2 years later, still taking the supplement as recommended, without a single panic attack occurring since beginning my treatment. I've since treated many similar cases, typically with great success...

As a Toowoomba Naturopath, when I treat a client with anxiety, I ensure the whole picture is taken into account and that my treatments don't conflict with those recommended by medical experts. My consultation includes;

  • Review of personal & family health history

  • Review of medications and/or supplements

  • Review of blood tests or any other tests

  • Review of other treatments in the past or present

  • Review of current presenting issues and signs and symptoms of health or disease

  • Review of dietary intake

  • Recommendation for further medical testing, or via direct referral to pathology labs

  • Referral back to a GP for relevant on-referral to other professionals as required

  • Treatment via dietary changes, lifestyle changes and relevant supplements

I always look for the underlying issue or issues when treating clients' health, as identifying and sorting these out where possible usually resolves many other surface issues, and requires less overall supplementation and cost.

So, even if your anxiety is mild, it may be affecting important factors for your long term health, like your sleep, your digestion and your cardiovascular health, so it's well worth exploring the very helpful options available within Naturopathy. Even if you're suffering from debilitating fear and panic, we have a range of excellent recommendations and treatments to help you along your journey back to the maximum emotional health possible. Among my clients with anxiety, I treat very young children right through to aged people, and am privileged to be part of their journey back to health.

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