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3 Tips For Drinking Water

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Filtered Water with ice


Filtered water tastes so much better! Take out the chlorine, aluminium, copper, bird & bat droppings & you'll be amazed at the clean taste. Not only that, your body will thank you for not including the optional extras. Buy a double, reverse osmosis under-the-sink filtration unit for best effect, or if your budget doesn't agree, just go for a jug filter to at least take out some of the contamination.


Most of us are used to the idea of adding a squeeze of lemon to our water, but you're only limited by your imagination! Try adding mint leaves, lime juice, sliced ginger or a squeeze of other fruit (strawberries or lemonades) to give that added twist. Some of these taste great and also help promote digestion, circulation and reduce bad breath.


A cup of hot water not your cup of tea? You might be surprised! Clean hot water is a comforting option when you've reached your limit of tea, coffee or hot chocolate for the day. A great way to promote digestion & bowel function, warm or hot water is so easy, and helps you reach your daily goal of water intake. Go the extra mile, and filter it, flavour it & then drink it warm, and you may just find that the variety and benefits enhance your day.

So, how much water should we drink?

A study this year by a Scottish University showed that even mild dehydration may impair mental acuity to the same level as a blood alchohol level of 0.08%, leading to more errors when driving or performing other tasks. A simple increase in your water intake may directly affect your memory and concentration, making your work & life more productive and safer.

There's so much debate about how much we should drink, and what should or shouldn't be included as part of our daily fluid intake. I recommend not including tea & coffee in your daily fluid intake, as caffeine blocks the release of a hormone from the brain (Anti-Diuretic Hormone, or ADH) leading to increased urination, and therefore, more possible fluid loss from the body. As a loose guide, I use the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommendations, as follows;

Children & adolescents

Total waterFluids (Food and fluids) (Including plain water, milk and other drinks)


1-3 years old - 1.4 L/day1.0 L/day (about 4 cups)

4-8 years old - 1.6 L/day1.2 L/day (about 5 cups)


9-13 years old - 2.2 L/day1.6 L/day (about 6 cups)

14-18 years old - 2.7 L/day1.9 L/day (about 7-8 cups)


9-13 years old - 1.9 L/day1.4 L/day (about 5-6 cups)

14-18 years old - 2.2 L/day1.6 L/day (about 6 cups)


Total waterFluids (Food and fluids) (Including plain water, milk and other drinks)


19-30 years old - 3.4 L/day2.6 L/day (about 10 cups)

31-50 years old - 3.4 L/day2.6 L/day (about 10 cups)

51-70 years old - 3.4 L/day2.6 L/day (about 10 cups)

>70 years old - 3.4 L/day2.6 L/day (about 10 cups)


19-30 years old - 2.8 L/day2.1 L/day (about 8 cups)

31-50 years old - 2.8 L/day2.1 L/day (about 8 cups)

51-70 years old - 2.8 L/day2.1 L/day (about 8 cups)

>70 years old - 2.8 L/day2.1 L/day (about 8 cups)

It's important to remember that these recommendations don't take into account a person's level of activity, surrounding climate, medications or health issues, so if you're wanting more accurate information, I recommend you talk to your health professional, especially those with formal training in nutrition and/or dietetics. As a Naturopath in Toowoomba, I regularly look not only at my clients' water intake, but from where their water is sourced (bore water, rain water and treated dam water are all options in Toowoomba)!

If you want more detailed information about the benefits of water, (apart from the obvious ones like better mental acuity, better bowel & urinary function and better skin hydration/condition), you can check out the NHMRC website here.

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