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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

TURMERIC (Curcuma longa)

Organic Turmeric

This relative of ginger has increased in popularity recently, for very good reasons. Turmeric has been strongly proven clinically to help;

I use Turmeric in my clinic for clients with arthritis, chronic pain, dementia & Alzheimer's Disease, as well as those who are suffering from cancer. Although Turmeric powder is popular as a delicious curry spice and adds a beautiful colour to meals, the absorption of this herb through the gastric membrane is actually fairly poor, so systemic effects are not very strong. So, while Turmeric powder may have positive gastric effects, to gain the best effects I use activated Turmeric, a formula that combines small fat molecules called phospholipids with Turmeric. Studies show that this increases the absorption of Turmeric across the gastric membrane by 27-30 times, giving excellent systemic effects. For my fertility clients, I recommend that males don't have turmeric, as some studies show it has some contraceptive properties.

GINGER (Zingiber officinale)

This crop was easily grown from a cut bulb of ginger planted in our garden. Harvested 4 months later, our plant had produced over 400grams, and we know it's organic!

Ginger's well known as a great cooking ingredient, but it also has clinical proof for the following conditions (as well as many others);

If you're looking for some easily grown, delicious and disease fighting plants for your garden, I can highly recommend these 2 tasty relatives. There is a caution however; both plants contain reasonable amounts of salicylic acid, possibly worsening gastritis and colitis (inflammation of the stomach and bowel), so if you're suffering from these conditions, you might be better off using some less tasty but more protective slippery elm powder.

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