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Can you guess the disorder from the following signs and symptoms?

  • Weight Gain

  • Depression

  • Premature skin ageing

  • Lower libido

  • Fatigue

  • Poor memory & concentration

  • High blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes

  • An almost doubled risk of death from all causes?

And the answer is ... Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

This happens when people unwittingly keep getting less sleep than they need to reach normal daytime alertness and function.

Here’s some interesting facts

  • We get ~25% less sleep than our relatives who lived ~100 years ago

  • Most studies show most adults need 7.5-8 hours’ sleep per night

  • 14 days of only 6 hours' sleep causes similar cognitive effects to two totally lost nights’ sleep

  • This is a voluntary or social issue, with internet & social media 24 hour availability, and extended working or socialising hours being main causes

  • The main age group affected is people aged 25-34 years old

  • Females are slightly more affected than males

  • Many people with the syndrome don’t even link their poor function or cognitive ability with insufficient sleep

How to treat Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

  • Own up to it!

  • Reduce stimulants in the afternoon & evening. These may include coffee, tea, chocolate and alcohol, as well as using electronic media

  • Remember that sleep is free!

  • Begin going to bed at an earlier time, to allow 7.5-8 hours before you need to rise

  • Don’t give up! Studies show it may take weeks or months of persistent better sleep patterns to return to optimum function and alertness

  • Talk to your health professional if you need counselling to help you form a better sleeping habit, and take advantage of the many effective natural sleeping formulas available today, some of the best being available only via your Naturopath practitioner.

Sleep longer, live longer & stronger.

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