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Pyrrole Disorder

Do you have;

  • Low energy in the morning & high energy in the evening?

  • Cold hands and feet?

  • Problems with concentration?

  • Easy irritability, with explosive anger?

  • Difficulty coping with stress?

  • Disruptive behavioural issues? (kids and adults)

…then you may have pyrrole disorder

Check out the following PYYROLE DISORDER FAQs

WHAT IS PYRROLE DISORDER? Pyrrole disorder is a genetic disorder causing a build up of chemicals commonly referred to as pyrroles. Pyrroles reduce the body’s Vitamin B6, Zinc and other nutrients, resulting in signs and symptoms of deficiency.

WHY DOES PYRROLE DISORDER HAPPEN? There are two theories about why pyrrole disorder happens. The first theory is that pyrrole disorder is a genetic problem, passed on from affected parent/s. The second is that gut abnormalities may be involved (changes in bowel bacteria, or bowel wall damage from foods or medications).

IS IT MEDICALLY RECOGNIZED? Not generally. Pyrrole disorder has been recognised mainly by psychologists and alternative medicine practitioners, as well as some integrative doctors.

HOW IS IT TESTED? Pyrroles are excreted into the urine. A high level of urinary pyrroles shows the disorder, and clinical trials show that a high level matches a reduced level of Vitamin B6 and Zinc in red blood cells. When a client presents to my clinic with typical symptoms, a urinary pyrrole test usually reveals the disorder. The test costs approximately $90 and can be ordered through me in a consultation.

ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE I’m testing and treating more and more clients for pyrrole disorder, with results including a marked turn-around in signs and symptoms in as little as 4-6 weeks.

WHAT IS THE TREATMENT? Supplying the missing nutrients is the standard treatment for pyrrole disorder. I typically supplement according to symptom severity and client age. Supplements include;

  • Vitamin B6 (activated is preferable)

  • Zinc (specific types are better than others)

  • Biotin

  • Vitamin B3

  • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) from supplements like Evening Primrose Oil.

So, if you or your family members are suffering from the symptoms mentioned, it may be worth testing for Pyyrole disorder. Remember, it’s an easy test for kids as there are no needles involved, and my client responses to simple treatments are so positive, that missing out on checking and treating this disorder may just prevent you and your family from enjoying basic emotional and cognitive health.

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