Man Eats Plane (should have had a hair analysis)

September 12, 2013

Michel Lotito ate metal, lots of it.  In his lifetime he consumed;

  • 1 Cessna Aircraft

  • 18 Bicycles

  • 15 Shopping Trolleys

  • 7 Televisions

  • 6 Chandeliers

  • 2 Beds

  • A pair of skis

  • A coffin

  • and 400 metres of steel chain


While iron deficiency may not have been a problem for Monsieur Lotito, I suspect his death in 2007 from "natural causes" at age 57 may have actually been from heavy metal poisoning.

For some it's too late, but you can have a hair mineral analysis to check for heavy metals and levels of other necessary minerals.   This test provides an accurate look at tissue levels of compounds that can make you well or sick, allowing me to prescribe the most exact supplements to help you achieve health.    


Check out the details on my tab "Hair Analysis" and, oh, here's a video about Monsieur Lotito:



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