July 17, 2019

BORBORYGMI - The sound of the sound of your tummy rumbling

Suffering from too much gurgling in your gut?  

Could be a sign of lactose intolerance or even food additives that don’t agree with you.

Examples are;

  • bicarb soda (baking soda, sodium bicarbonate) 

  • calcium proprionate (282) 

  • sulphur dioxide (220)

  • Polyols (maltitol, sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol).

Even chewing gum or drinking carbonated drinks can cause this problem. 

Check our your diet for these common culprits and if they’re removed & you’re still having that rumbling, see your health professional for further investigation.

July 2, 2019

Want to enjoy some carbs in your diet without the negative effects of higher blood sugar, insulin and body fat?   Then just change the order in which you eat your foods!

A small 2018 Japanese study measured insulin and glucose levels in young people after eating rice, vegetables & meat, changing the order in which the foods were eaten over 3 days.

Eating rice at the end of the meal instead of the beginning of the meal resulted in lower blood sugar & insulin levels when measured at 30 minutes and 120 minutes after the meal was finished.  The results were ‘significant’, so this is worth doing if you wish to enjoy the taste of carbs while helping your body tone.

As a Toowoomba Naturopath, I use science to provide you with practical tips for your health.  Just another helpful hint showing that Australian LNP politicians were wrong in removing your Private Health rebates for Naturopathy.   

Please sign our petition to help make your Government Reinstate the Rebate. Thank you...

August 21, 2017


If you're feeling overwhelmed with the issues in your life and can't seem to stop worrying, then you're not alone.    In Australia 2014/15, 11.2% of our population reported suffering from anxiety related conditions, a figure even higher than those experiencing depression (9.3% of the population).    This means you're among at least 2.6 million Australians, and the number is growing every year.   While so many Australians are suffering from anxiety disorders however, if you're one of the number you probably feel very alone...   If this is you, please read on; I'd like to let you know that Naturopathic treatment and care can have a high level of success in dealing with anxiety. 

Anxiety can range from mild worry to a fully debilitating condition affecting normal living, with people unable to work, maintain relationships or even manage self care.   The impact on family members, friendships and relationshi...

November 18, 2016

Spending too much of your life in the toilet?   If you have constipation, there are a few principles that promote better bowel function, so here's a few easy tips to help....


Drinking more water simply helps to soften bowel motions, assisting the gut & bowel contents to 'get a move on'.   It's much like mixing concrete really; if the mixture is too dry, then moving it where you want it to go is too difficult.   Solution?   Just add some water.

While other drinks may help, some worsen the issue by encouraging urination, thus dehydrating the bowel. These include tea, green tea, coffee, cola drinks and alcohol.

How much to drink?   Depends on your age & gender, but for an adult female about 2.1 litres (8 cups) per day is recommended.   For an adult male the recommended amount is 2.6 litres (about 10 cups) per day.   For other ages including children, check out the Australian Government's recommendations here.

If you're having trouble drinking enough, see m...

November 8, 2016

Like salt with your meal?   You may be getting a dose of aluminium with each shake of your salt shaker.

Because salt attracts water, salt crystals tend to stick together in the shaker.   How to sort that problem?  Just add an anti-caking agent and the salt crystals won't stick.

If you think that shaking aluminium on your meal is a bad idea, then it's worth checking out the ingredient list on your salt shaker - here's a label from a popular brand on Australian shelves.

See the Anti-caking Agent?   The following number 554 indicates sodium aluminosilicate, a chemical made up of sodium, aluminium, oxygen & silicon.    Most government food authorities regard this additive as safe, and theoretically, there's only a small amount of aluminium in each shake of your salt shaker, so it shouldn't be a problem...   

... The issue is, aluminium's been linked to a number of negative impacts on health, so less is best when it comes to this non-nutrient.   Here's some st...

July 20, 2016

Eating organically is fantastic, but usually expensive.   Here are 6 tips on how you can do it for less…

  1. Eat fruits & vegies in season.   Buying in season ensures better freshness, and costs you less (due to shorter storage times and a lower market price when there’s plenty of the produce available)

  2. Buy at farmers’ markets.   Buying direct from the farmer means you don’t have to pay an additional wage for the `middle man’

  3. Hunt around the local organic shops.   We've often found organic food in local organic shops that's a lower price per Kg than the standard supermarket for non-organic food!

  4. Join a food co-op.   There are plenty of these to be found on social sites like Facebook.   Buying in bulk as a group can save you money, but be aware that some co-ops charge a high amount of freight, especially if you live some distance from where the goods are purchased

  5. Grow your own.   Real estate costs you the earth (s’cuse the...

May 11, 2016


Information overload… how to be a better parent, why we should vaccinate (or not), whether we should use a private or public school (or home-school), to smack or not to smack, is co-sleeping the best, what our kids should be eating, how much screen time they have……


The level of information coming at parents from social media and from other (usually well meaning) family and friends can be simply overwhelming.   Perhaps never before have parents had to deal with so much advice on how they should care for their kids so that they grow up as balanced and responsible adults.


If you’re a parent and you’re still responsible for your kid(s)’ health and well-being, you’re probably simply exhausted by the day-to-day job of keeping the family alive and basically well.   If your kids are little, you’re likely to be suffering from sleep deprivation.   Throw in financial concerns and possibly work responsibilities outside the home, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for feeling burnt out....

May 5, 2016

Good ol' snake oil.   Old fashioned magic potions claiming to cure all diseases, smooth wrinkles, remove all aches and pains and return anyone to full health and vitality.   We look back on such wild claims and laugh at the lack of scientific evidence, and have since moved on to better things.... Or, have we?


There's a strong opinion out there that claims Naturopathic Medicine falls into the snake oil category.   I hear negative medical opinions about Naturopathy from my clients on an almost daily basis, and a simple review of public opinion shows some pretty negative views on Naturopathy.

Here's an example from Wikipedia.....


" Naturopathic medicine contains many pseudoscientific concepts and is considered ineffective and can be harmful, which raises ethical issues.   Naturopaths have repeatedly been accused of being charlatans and practicing quackery."


It's worth testing such claims against the real evidence.   There are 2 types of real evidence, anecdotal evidence and...

February 15, 2016

 ...the journey to nowhere.   Hopes lifted and dashed, again and again and again.    Being lapped in life by family and friends.   Growing isolation through lost common ground.    Trying to be happy for others who conceive.   Finding reasons to avoid baby showers.   Despairing the lack of progression through life's stages.   

Infertility hurts, traumatises, scars.    

And it's so hard to talk about, so hard to deal with the sometimes careless comments of those who haven't suffered this incredibly painful condition.   So hard for others to relate and to know how to be helpful without being intrusive....

I've walked this journey.   My wife's walked this journey.   And together, year after year, we experienced the agony of being unable to have children of our own, while our friends moved on as happy growing families.   Together we suffered in private, while maintaining a facade of being ok to others, and as time progressed and still...

September 20, 2015

Tummy issues?   Where do you start when you're trying to work out what's going on?   


If you're like many of my clients who ask me for help with digestive issues, you'll possibly be referred for a new medical test to check for an underlying gut infection.   A parasitic or other infection in the bowel can cause a wide range of symptoms, yet can go undetected for years, with people spending a great deal of money and time trying to address their symptoms instead of getting rid of the actual problem.


Testing for gut bugs has been notoriously inaccurate, with people needing 3 different faecal samples to be tested, and results often still not revealing the underlying bug/s (the accuracy of traditional testing varies between 11% & 90%).   There's now a new test available that's 100% accurate and tests for a total of 10 different pathogenic (disease causing) gut bugs.   This test needs a referral (from your GP, or I can refer direct) and is available via QML (Queensland Medical...

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